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Greetings! My name is Md Masum Pramanik. Iam professional WordPress Developer and I am an expert in SEO & Digital Marketing. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss your project with you.


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Digital Marketing

Our Services –
An overview with pricing

Are you okay with the SEO task being completed by me, or do you prefer to use a different SEO Specialist? Also, will you be requiring custom work?

WordPress Development

Our Services –
An overview with pricing

I am able to setup your full wordpress website with your requirement. I will optimize your full website and make eye catching and professional site for your site.

  • On Page SEO
    20$ Per Site
  • Off Page SEO Service
    100$ – Per Month
  • Full SEO Service
    150$ – Per Month
  • Ranking Based SEO Project
    100$ – Per Keyword
  • Custom Backlink Creation
    10$ – Negotiable

Digital Marketing

I love SEO and love to share my SEO plan for your business. If you want to get next level SEO service then I am here to help you 🙂

WordPress Development

I am professional WordPress Developer and I have completed more than 50+ Project. I am very familiar with E-commerce, Small Business, Organization, Company, Charity and Church.

  • E-commerce Website Creation
    500$ – Per Site
  • Small Business Website Creation
    120$ – Per Site
  • Organization Website Creation
    150$ – Per Site
  • Company Website Creation
    200$ – Per Site
  • Website Maintenance
    150$ – Per Month
  • Digital Marketing Training
    4000 BDT – Per Day
  • WordPress Development Training
    4500 BDT – Per Day
  • Freelancing Outsourcing Training
    4000 BDT – Per Day
  • Web Design Training
    4500 BDT – Per Day
  • Full Course Training
    10000 BDT – Negotiable

Training Services

I am professional Trainer and already completed more than 250+ Training project. I was the master trainer of SDP, Lict, LEDP project. I have provide training on WordPress Development, Digital Marketing, Freelancing.