How To Create Fiverr Account 2021

Step 1 : You have to go for create fiverr account.

Step 2: Click become a seller button

Step 3: Write your email address and click continue button. Then write your username and password and click on join button.

Step 4: Email verification. Go to your email account and click on verify link for verify your account.

Step 5: Account setup. Click on edit your profile button. Write your full name and and click save changes button.

Step 6: Profile Setup. Click on profile icon and then click on profile link.

Setup your profile picture and select as “I’m a freelancer” option and click on save changes.

Write your profile description. Add all language your know well. Add your Facebook and gmail account. (you can add more account if you have)

Add your all skills, education qualification and other certification.

Some Profile Description based on SEO

#1: I have 1 years experience in Search Engine Optimization specially in Backlinks, niche research, link building and competitor analyze. I can boost any website with create high authority backlinks.

#2: Getting organic traffic to your website is incredibly valuable. It’s also incredibly difficult… If you don’t have over a decade of experience. Luckily, you can skip all the hard work and hire me to do it for you. I entered the SEO space in 2020, and ever since, have been helping people like you with SEO, link building, and more. If you’re ready to tap into my expertise, please order a gig now or send me a message for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

#3: Hi There, Looking For Offpage Seo services? you’re at the right place offering: Niche Backlinks, Travel Backlinks, USA, Italian, Spanish, French, Swiss, Swedish, UK Backlinks, Citations, Article Publish, Increase Domain DR, Deutsche SEO, Deutsche news sites, SEO service, Domain Research, Quality Backlinks, and much more

#4: Hi! I’m “Your Name”, I’m a Professional SEO Specialist with over 1 year of industry experience, SEO Specialist in White Hat SEO techniques, Web Traffic and a High Authority Backlinks/building expert. I understand what it takes to get your website top 10.

#5: Work with a Full-Stack SEO Specialist. That means you’ll be working with someone who’s experienced with the entire SEO Strategy in order for your business to succeed. From technical seo, backlinks to SEO, I can create and craft your entire marketing plan from start to finish step by step with you. My experience with a large array of different businesses has helped me spot marketing trends and will help you get ahead of the curve. Let craft something together.

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